One step at a time, I will coach you ways to teach your dog new behaviours, which will make both their life and yours much more fun and enjoyable.

Hi, I’m Rhi, a dog coach/trainer, specialising in behvaiour change through positive reinforcement.

I believe the way we should teach our dogs is to reward the good they do and provide them with guidance towards better choices. The way I teach will ensure you have a happy dog and that the relationship you have with your dog is enriched.

I can help with basic training, as well as more specific training for behaviours that you need changing. I offer one-to-one training sessions for puppy’s and adult dogs, as well as behavioural consultation sessions.

I look forward to helping you and your dogs with your journeys navigating the big wide world!

This is me and my dog, Connie.
Rodney’s Pillar, Shropshire.