Behavioural Consultations

Puppy Behavioural Consultations
Adult dog Behavioural Consultations

What are behavioural consultations?:

Sessions are specific and individualised to your dog’s needs and the behaviour(s) that need(s) assessing. The provision of this service will be decided on an individual basis and will depend on the type and severity of the behaviour and situation.

Behavioural Consultations can include:
  1. A review of the behaviour(s) to understand what happens around the behaviour
  2. Functional Analysis – the process of identifying why a behaviour occurs
  3. Teaching alternative/replacement behaviour(s)
  4. Coaching to improve behaviour(s)

Is my dog a puppy or an adult dog?:

Puppy = any dogs under the age of 1 yeas old

Adolescent and Adult dog = Dogs over the age of 1 years old

Can I access this service from where I live?

Please see the Locations page for further detail.